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A collection of progressive Tolkien scholarship we find useful

There are many people looking at race, gender, sexuality, politics, and environmentalism in Tolkien’s works and in the fandom surrounding him. Below are some of our favorite resources we’ve mentioned on the show.



Tolkien, Race and Cultural History: From Fairies to Hobbits

Dimitra Fimi

The foundation upon which a lot of modern Tolkien cultural studies scholarship is based. An essential read for learning how Tolkien’s life experiences can be seen reflected in the depictions of race within the legendarium.

Perilous and Fair: Women in the Works and Life of J. R. R. Tolkien

ed. Janet Brennan Croft & Leslie Donovan

Half foundational essays about women in Tolkien and half new scholarship featuring diverse critical approaches and methods.

Queering Faith in Fantasy Literature: Fantastic Incarnations and the Deconstruction of Theology

Taylor Driggers

Friend of the podcast Dr. Driggers, discusses some of the themes in this book on episode 8 of Queer Lodgings.

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